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Get inspiration for kitchens and bathrooms at Multiform Bergen

Welcome to our new Multiform kitchen showroom at Tollbodallmenningen in Bergen.

– A kitchen is not just about the practical and functional areas. It is also about daily enjoyment. The words belong to Carsten Michelsen, the designer behind Multiform, and his words are a guide for general manager Britt Helen Melbye Gonzales, and her colleagues in Multiform Bergen. – His vision requires that we as a dealer have long and broad experience so that we can meet the customer with exceptional service and good product knowledge. The beautiful timeless Danish kitchen design is something many people from Bergen appreciate. A Multiform customer often comes back, depending on how the life situation changes or simply because they have bought a new home or second home and need a new kitchen, Britt says.

We enjoy working with the discerning customer: The customer who needs a designer who sees the big picture, finds solutions for several rooms and the whole home. Many of our customers invest a lot of resources in their housing projects and want the interior to be lasting and reflect the home’s general qualities.

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We look forward to seeing you!

Britt Helen Melbye Gonzalez