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Learn more about our minimalist kitchens, and get inspired by a professionally educated architect.

Come visit us and experience the iconic Form 1 kitchen in Saint Pauls Blue. It is a classic and timeless kitchen, which Carsten Michelsen designed in 1982 based on a vision that the kitchen should be a beautiful piece of furniture in the room. In terms of craftsmanship, Form 1 is very special. The visible, solid front frames on the cabinets is made in solid wood, which are produced from scratch. The visible structure of the oak are characteristic for this kitchen design, which today is considered a classic with its simple, timeless expression.

Experience the gray-blue Form 1 together with a Quartzite table top in the color Atlantic Lava Stone, a black-oxidized Vola faucet, a handmade shelf in blackoxidized steel and tall cabinets in black Fenix with a matt and scratch-resistant surface. Multiform is an investment in much more than a new kitchen. We create spaces where anything is possible.

Charlotte Brix

Interior Designer & MDD
Mobile: 2993 3962

Ulla Rahbek

Indretningsarkitekt MDD
Mobil: 2670 6508